Thursday, December 3, 2009

Augusta, GA - Incomplete or unfair Custody Evaluation

This blog has been set up for people to post about and share their experiences with a biased, incomplete, or unfair custody evaluation performed in the Augusta, GA (CSRA) area. We have recieved accounts of many people where evaluations are incomplete and only one side of the family was interviewed. We have also seen where information was altered by the evaluator to hurry and reach a decision, thus taking less time to complete the evaluation in order to get to the next case.


  1. Custodial evaluations are bogus for several reasons: the evaluator is untrained in evaluating mentally healthy people; the legal process cloaks the psychologist in immunity as an agent of the court; and it is easy to obtain money by simply withholding a child.

    I suspect that a national psychological lobby played a major role in the enactment of CAPTA. That’s the statute that governs child abuse cases. Psychologists wormed their way in and opine as to the mental health of the parents and the child.

    Over the years, the use of psychologists mutated into ordinary custody cases involving ordinary families. Further, the listing and use of psychologists became centered in the appellate courts. Hence, a psychologist comes endorsed as an expert by the appellate court whether he is trained in family matters or not.

    The psychologist may be versed in substance abuse, but have no idea about families and children. This area is covered by the Marriage and Family Therapist. However, the MFT lobby was not as strong as the APA lobby, so your custody case includes psychs rather than MFT’s.

    So they write about major personality disorders in cases where the parents are ordinary healthy middle class citizens. They use “clinical” testing on otherwise mentally healthy people and obtain random and varied results they foist on innocent parents. The trial judge is bound to accept the psych’s findings because he is endorsed by the appellate court. If you bring in a rebuttal expert, he’ll be complained on by the judge.

    You cannot sue an incompetent psychologist because anything he says in court is protected by immunity. Because the APA lobbied Congress for all this, complaints to the APA and licensing boards go nowhere.

    All of this evolved because innocent middle class parents will pay a mint to restore contact with their children. Hence, by keeping the kid away, pockets are lined based upon psycho-babble which is immune from sanction.

    That is why the system works the way it does and the fight is much higher up than once thought.

  2. Are you still looking into this? You are right. During my divorce I thought I was going crazy because the things going on around here only happen on television stories. Every time I have researched knowing there is a problem and something was wrong, a bigger bug came out from under the rock.

    I see this Blog started in 2009. I wish I had seen it when I was going through my divorce. I would have known to be even more thorough than I was at keeping things and not under estimating the threats my ex made. The bigger they are the harder they fall. It just takes a thick band of people to get together. Become bigger than they are to help our children and those families to come after us.

    There are big things going on in this very thing. Big. Big. You are not alone. Not sure how fortunate or unfortunate that is. It only means there are more children without a parent. These people condone parental alienation which is severe form of child abuse. It ruins relationships they may have forever. I know many people that this has all happened to including myself. However, I have been in in the butt end of this particular guy but the GALs are no different.

    My GAL, Doug Nelson, through what I have heard didn't newly certify. He also shouldn't have been on my case to begin with because there was a conflict of interest in the case. My 1st attorney turned out to be an alcoholic (Kay Jackson) and sold me to the devil himself. Made lie after lie.
    Also through what I have heard this particular GAL is using sex on the mothers in order to keep their children; showing up at their houses when ever he wants. This judicial system here in Augusta really has good caring parents that deserve primary custody, in some instances 50/50 custody and having them turn tricks to keep their kids.

    The whole system has turned into a self licking ice cream cone in my opinion. From the school counselors, teachers, principals all the way to the judges in my opinion. The hand over the child to the one they know don't really care to have the children knowing that the other parent will fight tooth and nail to keep their rights with their children. Children are even being put in care of other parents that have admitted to drinking and driving (admitted by Judge Padgett that he thought the person to be an alcoholic), sexual abuse, and never mind the mental and emotional abuse the children are dealing with living with the other parents hatred of the targeted parent which is usually the parent that was primary care giver during the marriage/relationship.

    Please note all of this is in my opinion and it is how I feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!